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Here’s how to avoid Apple’s lease program


Over the years, smartphones have become as powerful as your computer. Some high-end devices have even managed to replace your bulky laptop. However, such advancement comes at a cost. The top-of-the-line smartphone will set you back around $600-$700 easily while Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have even managed to cross $1000 barrier. With that amount, one can easily buy a decent laptop. But companies such as Apple are finding ways to attract customers and making sure they spend their cash on the new shiny iPhone.

According to research, 75 per cent of Americans own their phones, pointing to the fact that smartphones have become a necessity. People are willing to pay a premium price even if there are cheaper alternatives available in the market.

Tech giant Apple is aware that consumers will buy their product regardless of how much it would cost. In order to continue the trend, they started their very own lease plan. The lease plan makes consumers feel that the best way to pay for a $1200 iPhone is via an installment plan.

The plan looks simple – pay a certain amount every month for a certain period but, in reality, it’s designed to lock customers forever. Basically, you pay off the money over the course of 24 months and with iPhone costing $1200, the amount will look much cheaper when you don’t have to pay the whole at once.

Apple added another clause to the lease plan. You need to pay for 12 months, and then you’re eligible for an upgrade, locking you down for years to come. Even if you decide to opt out from upgrading every year and choose to own the iPhone, you’re on the receiving end as your iPhone is outdated and has no resale value.

Moreover, if you decide to upgrade, then Apple gets your old phone, which they refurbish and re-sell it for 15 per cent off, and once again you are on the gainer’s side.

If you decide to avoid Apple’s merry-go-round, then there are other alternatives to own an iPhone. With mobile companies launching the latest model every year, consumers are upgrading their phones almost every six months.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars every six months to own a new phone or getting caught up with Apple’s lease program, consumers should look towards renting the device. Similar to renting a house, people pay money for the specific duration, and after that they move on.

Companies like Dyal Rental are allowing consumers to rent a high-end smartphone without out-spending a fortune. The idea behind renting is that it provides users with an option to decide whether to pay a certain amount for iPhone Xor iPhone 8 or explore an Apple iPhone. The best part is you don’t even have to do a credit check when you rent, unlike Apple lease program or service provider where they check your score before selling you the phone.

Dyal Rental allows the customer to preview all the gadgets before committing long term, whether it’s iPhone, iPad or Wifi Hotspot router. At Dyal Rental, you can rent an iPhone on a weekly or month basis depending on your needs.

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