• 29th Mar 2017

    ​Famous Cell Phones in Film

    Say you’re travelling to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, or any of the other major cities in the country, you’ll likely rent a car or bike, check into a hotel, grab…

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  • 24th Aug 2016

    Wifi Hotspot Rental

    When boundaries and geographies are blurring and working/ traveling across time zones is the norm, you want to be equipped with the most dependable technology and gadgets to have a seamless workflo…

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  • 30th Nov 2015

    It’s All About The Deal

    When we think of the holidays, we mostly think of family, food and shopping! But what if you add phone to this mix? Our smartphone is a key tool in scoring those make-or-break Black Friday sales, o…

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  • 31st Oct 2015

    To Rent Or Not To Rent A Smartphone?

    Can you imagine a day without your phone? That’s right, WITHOUT your smartphone! You may panic or get that feeling of being isolated on an island!Let’s face it our smartphone is our lifeline, wheth…

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  • Why you should rent Apple Watch

    31st Mar 2015

    Why you should rent Apple Watch

    As the Apple Watch April 24 release date gets closer and closer, Apple has released lots of information, photos and video about this game changing device. But what most people don’t realize is that…

    Published by Dyal

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  • 10th Feb 2015

    Our Pricing

    We are the Netflix of Apple and Android rentals. Our rental rates are listed for all to see - they are rock bottom. We can't go any lower without taking away food from our table. We will lower the dep…

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  • 10th Feb 2015

    Our Brand

    We care. As you enter our world we reflect our values - no nonsense advertising with transparent pricing. Your first look at us is our fresh website with easy to understand offers and a smooth checkou…

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