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27th Dec 2021

Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona state lies in the south of Grand Canyon. It is the largest city in the state and also one of the most populous cities in USA. Here lies the Salt River Valley eminent as Valley of Sun that includes Phoenix along with other cities like Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Phoenix plays a pivotal role in the economy of the state and acts as a financial, transportation, and communications hub. With its wide avenues it replicates its boundaries to Los Angeles and is surrounded by buzzing nightclubs, and hi-class resorts that culminate into lavish golf courses. It is a metropolis that is home to many tourist spots and has quite a number of centers all at a reasonable distance from each other. Phoenix was originally renowned as an agricultural community near the junction of Salt and Gila River and evolved as a city in 1881.

It has the epitome of tourism spots in Arizona State and is instrumental in attracting an influx of visitors that cater to the state’s capital value. Phoenix is located in the northeastern heart of the Sonoran Desert and therefore has a hot desert climate despite which the city serves its agriculture by the canal system that builds the economy with products such as cotton, alfalfa, citrus, and hay. Cotton, cattle, citrus, climate, and copper originated as "Five C's" securing Phoenix's economy and became the fundamental driving factor behind the city’s stability. These elements in addition serve to quite a number of tourist spots in Phoenix with well-built structures and sightseeing spots.

Here is a list of highlights in Phoenix that makes it an outstanding vacation spot:

1. Desert Botanical Garden: It is a 140-acre botanical garden located in Papago Park in Phoenix, Central Arizona. The garden is full of lush green plants and desert plants ranging over 50,000 species out of which 379 are threatened, rare, or endangered with an overall number of species of 4,379. The plants that do not belong to extreme climates are protected in shade houses. This all was feasible given few inhabitants who pledged to safeguard the fragile desert plants in the vicinity. One Swedish botanist Gustaf Starck found natives that resonated with his frequency to embark upon saving desert plants, particularly of the native Sonoran desert. The garden provides a platform for specialized tours, workshops, and tutorials on desert horticulture, health, and fitness. It is a great place to spot hummingbirds and butterflies dwelling on the flora and fauna with the garden especially planted by rich and varied heritage of plantation. Capturing these plants with DSLRs or a camera integrated mobile phone is a must while one is here which also provides the best option for Android or iPhones. The camera of iPhone delivers great snaps and records videos of high resolution which is why it ranks higher on the scale of operability.

2. Musical Instrument Museum: The museum was ventured with the vision of unifying music from the world into one language of symphony and harmony. While most of the musical museums over the world focus on Western instruments the image behind Musical Instrument Museum was to glorify the day-to-day instruments and bind the world of music in a single thread. Feedback from the guests is taken and it is ensured that the museum is shaped around their delight and entertains them with musical aesthetic sense. The primary goal of the museum is to deliver a musical journey that is enchanting, mesmerizing, fulfilling, and inspiring. The museum is home to over 8000 musical instruments from all across the globe ranging from over 200 countries that translate the music of rich diversity into one. Here, the music and instruments depict a single-lined slogan – Music is the language of the soul - echoing MIM’s Weekend Signature events celebrating live musical performances from all across the globe and imbibing the global taste.

3. Phoenix Zoo: It is the largest privately-owned non-profit zoo in the USA that replenishes its presence over a land area of 125 acres in Papago park of Phoenix. The zoo is home to around 1400 animals and segregated into four parts viz. The Arizona Trail, The African Trail, The Tropics Trail, and the Children’s Trail. The Zoo is home to species that are endangered or unwanted and kept with utmost care and responsibility where Sumatran Tigers and Orangutans are what peak their presence. The most bewitching view is to spot an animal while in the zoo along with clicking pictures of the children playing with the Monkeys on the open exhibit. iPhones and Android phones nowadays have high-resolution cameras to click astounding pictures. The zoo also has a 4D theatre which enables one to enjoy the film with water, smells, and wind effects. It is a great option if one feels hot in the outside temperature apart from strolling in the carousel while locating the unique endangered animals on the way.

4. North Mountain & Shaw Butte: At 2,104 feet North Mountain and 2,149 feet Shaw Butte are the landmarks that can be identified easily in the north valley skyline. They are heaven for hikers of all sorts and offer a wide trail of land that is one of the best summits climbs in Phoenix. It provides hikers the in-depth information about hiking and nature lovers can enjoy the Sonoran Wildlife and regional history. The two mountains lie at the south of Thunderbird Road and have special signs for hikers so that they get acquainted with the nature of the trail ahead. The mountains are also used for hang gliding and paragliding acting as a travel landmark for hikers. More complex trails in the preserve lead to the summit but easier trails like this give a chance to interact with the local flora and plant species. North Mountain Visitors Center is the place to recharge one's batteries while on the travel and also top up the bottles. One can also record videos for vlogs using Android phones, iPhones, and other cameras for entertainment and research purposes.

Therefore, this was our list of a few must-visit places in Phoenix city that can make the journey even more memorable. If you are looking out for renting iPhones for your tour you here you are at the right place. You can rent iPhones or iPads from us at Dyal Rentals and we ensure that you get the iPhone delivered to your doorstep on the same day of order.

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