1st May 2020

Do you know how advanced the new iPhone versions are? They are simply exceptional in delivering the best video and photo quality out there. The built-in dual 12-megapixel camera on the iPhone 11 versions comes with 5x zoom without any glitch in quality. The battery life has also become excellent with the new versions. But, they are heavy on the pockets for most, which is probably, the only downside to them. Now, you don’t have to worry about buying one, as you can easily get the latest version on rent from Dyal Rental. Covering our operations only within the periphery of the United States, we offer all versions of iPhones and iPads along with other Apple accessories on rent. When you are visiting the country, be it for your business trip or a family vacation, you can simply order from us. You can even rent in bulk through our site when you are travelling to the country with your loved ones or your office employees so that everyone can enjoy the conveniences these devices provide.

Major business locations in Atlanta where iPhones and iPads are necessary

Atlanta is among the major cities in the US with a large number of Fortune 500 companies. It is also popular for offering the lowest cost of business and it is ideal for millennial entrepreneurs to set up any innovative establishment. The best part about the city is that there are multiple events throughout the year and there is a surprising number of convention spaces with conventional and contemporary settings. Some of the best ones in the city are:

  • Georgia International Convention Center: With easy access to the city’s airport, GICC is an ultra-modern convention facility offering state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. It has four large exhibit halls, six meeting rooms ranging from 520 to 2080 square feet of space and one massive ballroom area.
  • Floataway Café: This amazing café is a renovated warehouse at 1123 Zonolite Road in Atlanta. It offers an exquisite private meeting space along with superior culinary delights. A variety of corporate events takes place here.

Best vacation hotspots in Atlanta where you need iPhones

Atlanta, a Southern city and the capital of Georgia, offers a lot of attractions that you will fall in love with. Even if you are in the city for a few hours, you will not get bored. It has a number of parks, museums, recreational centres and much more catering to holidaymakers of all ages. If you are visiting the city in early July, don’t miss out on the 4th of July celebrations as well. On the other hand, if you and your loved ones are renting out iPhones you can always download dedicated iOS apps such as Splash that allows you to shoot 360-degree videos. Do download the AB+L iOS app if you want to listen to music and podcasts. Using cross platform apps on iPhones also will be easy to use. If you have never visited the city before, here are two attractions you must visit:

  • Georgia Aquarium: Touted as the largest indoor aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, this aquarium is a must-visit attraction. It has around 100 different habitats and has all sizes of sea creatures including beluga whales and manta rays. Shoot videos of the large and colourful marine life easily with iPhones.
  • The Rock Ranch: No visit to Atlanta will ever be complete if you don’t visit The Rock Ranch. This 1,500-acre cattle ranch comprises several rides and attractions. As 4th of July is approaching, make sure you are here on this day to see the fireworks and enjoy all kinds of fun-filled activities. Ideally, you should rent the iPhone 11 Pro Max and zoom on the extravagant fireworks display to take amazing pictures.

Are you ready for Speed Networking?

Enjoy this comfortable corporate event to know about strategies to expand your businesses and build contacts with experts from your industry. It will be held on 13th July, 2020, at the famed Floataway Café. If you want to give presentations or take notes during this one-day event, rent an iPad from Dyal Rental. Book one a month or two weeks in advance, as many other attendees would be renting iPads and iPhones from us during this event.

What are the costs of renting iPhones and iPads in Atlanta from Dyal Rental?

The cost of iPhones and iPads on rent varies depending on which version you are going for. Also, it depends on how long you would need one. There are two plans where the cost differs as well. You can get an iPhone with just data and texting, or you can rent one with talk-time, texting and data for an additional price.