14th Jun 2020

Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro lets you enjoy high-quality photos like no other. You have its triple-rear camera to thank for that brings all your globetrotting adventures into memorable light. Not to say, the iPhone X’s dual 12-megapixel camera is any less. Its colour balance and the 240fps slo-mo at 1080p are way too good. You also have Apple AirPods that make your life even more convenient, when you are on the move.

You do feel like investing on one for your travels, don’t you now? But it is just that they are never easy on the pocket.

If you still want to get your hands on their extraordinary features, consider renting them. Fortunately, if you are in the United States, Dyal Rental is a stress-free solution. From iPhones and iPads to accessories such as Apple Pencil, AirPods and Apple TV, we have them all. That too, we offer at competitive economical rates.

You also have the option of renting them in bulk from us. Renting this way will be much more affordable when you are with colleagues or family members. Just don’t put a dent on your dreams to explore the best of any US city by spending on an iPhone before travelling. Let us make it easy for you.

Major business locations in Greenville where iPhones and iPads are necessary

Greenville is one of the best small cities in America to start or expand a business. It is also referred to as the “economic engine of South Carolina”. Manufacturing, logistics, health and technology thrive here. As a result, business events throughout the year cover these industries.

Before you attend any corporate event in this city, rent an iPad from us. This is a much better alternative to notebooks. As lightweight and easy-to-use as they are, you can utilise your time concentrating on what others say. Check out iA Writer and Notability. They are among the best apps to take notes.

If you are planning to attend any event in the upcoming months after lockdown, here are two of the best convention spaces in the city to look out for:

  • Greenville Convention Center: With its prime location at 1 Exposition Drive, the Greenville Convention Center has two massive exhibit halls, exquisite meeting spaces and much more. The event space stretches to 280,000 square feet, while the conference space extends to 50,000 square feet. State-of-the-art teleconferencing and communication facilities are the main highlights here.
  • NOMA Tower Business Center: This unique office building is located at 220 North Main Street. Regus, the worldwide provider of flexible workspaces, runs it. Here you will find a number of customisable meeting spaces and advanced audio-visual technology along with high-speed Wi-Fi.

Vacation hotspots in Greenville where you need iPhones

Long famous for being the ‘Textile Center of the World’, Greenville is a beautiful city in the foothills of Blue Ridge Mountains. With many natural attractions that replenish the mind, the city is steeped in interesting history. Its local wineries and breweries further add to anyone’s perfect getaway.

Touring around the city would be even more delightful when you have an iPhone. The apps for the latest versions are going to make it worthwhile when you hit the hotspots. You have Focos, TouchRetouch, Filmborn, Halide and many others that will instantly help you get the best shots.

If you are in Greenville with your little ones, get iPads in bulk on rent. There are tonnes of dedicated apps to keep them engaged. You can download Despicable Me: Minion Rush, WWF Together and BBC CBeebies Storytime. Let them have their own fun time in the city. But also, do check out these must-visit attractions:

  • Blue Ridge Escarpment: This 10,000-acre area encompasses waterfalls, forests, mountain streams. Caesars Head State Park and Table Rock State Park are the highlights here. Hiking is one common activity that you should indulge in. At Caesars Head State Park, head over to the famed Caesars Head Overlook, lying at a staggering altitude of 3200 feet above sea level. The panoramic views of other mountains are spectacular from atop. You should also not miss the highest waterfall in the state, Raven Cliff Falls. On the other hand, the Table State Park is famed for Pinnacle Lake and Lake Oolenoy. Boating and fishing are possible at both these scenic lakes.
  • Village of West Greenville: This bustling neighbourhood is famous for its unique art galleries, restaurants and shops. One of the best eat outs where you don’t need to reserve tables is The Anchorage. It serves regionally sourced food and is popular for its craft beer and cocktails. For shopping, head over to Rocker Belles and Ember Outfitters. Also, don’t miss out on visiting the popular Greenville Center for Creative Arts.

Are you ready for Business Case Writing Certification Training?

This one-day event will take place on July 24th, 2020. Organized by Trainerkart, it will teach interested participants on how to write compelling business cases. You will learn about honing your presentation skills, get familiar with strategies for different types of business cases and know the appropriate writing language. Most participants attending it will rent iPhones and iPads from Dyal Rental. We suggest you book one from us 2 weeks before.

What are the costs of renting iPhones and iPads in Greenville from Dyal Rental?

The rental prices of iPhones and iPads will depend on different factors. It will depend on which version of the iPhone or iPad you are going for, as we have all the models from iPhone 5S. Next, your duration of stay in Greenville or any other city in the country will affect the price. The cost will also depend if you opt for the plan that offers talk-time, texting and data with a separate charge. If you want to cut down on costs, choose the other plan where you can text and use data.