17th Apr 2020

Travelling to new places for vacations and business events is always convenient when you have an iPhone or iPad. They are easy to use and hardly have any computational problem. But, as we all know, they are expensive. Purchasing one for travelling is not ideal. Instead, you should rent them.

When you are visiting any city in the United States, Dyal Rental offers all versions of iPhones and iPads on rent. Let’s say, you are visiting some part of the US for a few days to attend a conference, you can rent iPads in bulk. Moreover, we also offer other Apple accessories on rent including Apple Pencil, AirPods and Apple TV so that your experience using an iPhone or iPad is enhanced.

Major business locations in Houston where iPhones and iPads are necessary

Known for its oil and gas industry, Houston is a great city for various kinds of businesses. Moreover, it is also known for the tech industry. With a number of important business events happening throughout the year, the city is filled with various event hotspots. For the best experience during meetings, iPads are a must, due to their multitasking ability. Some of the major convention spaces where you can attend the upcoming events in the city are:

  • George R. Brown Convention Center: This convention space, located in the downtown area, offers 1.85 million square feet of meeting, dining and retail space. You can check out for the major events in the city here. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the conferences in March and April have been transformed into virtual ones or have been postponed. Do visit its website for more information.
  • Houston Marriott Sugar Land: Located quite near the downtown area, this plush hotel offers 23 meeting rooms and several important events take place here throughout the year. There are several flexible seating arrangements available. Moreover, all the services required for making conferences run smoothly are available here. These include state-of-the-art audiovisual amenities, high-speed internet and LCD projectors.

Best vacation hotspots in Houston where you need iPhones

Houston is a bustling city with myriad museums, shopping centres, recreational spaces and restaurants. When you have an iPad or iPhone, it is much easier to travel around with the apps for this city. Moreover, these apps will work without a glitch. If you are travelling for a vacation with your loved ones, you can rent iPhones and iPads in bulk from Dyal Rental so that no one misses out on the fun. If you want to know what is happening around the city, download the Eventbrite app and stay updated. You also have the OpenTable app to reserve a table at the restaurants in the city. There are many more that you can use on an iPhone or iPad.

With so many attractions to enjoy in this city, these places below are a must-visit:

  • Downtown Aquarium: This is a must-visit attraction in the city if you are travelling with our kids. It is a wall-to-wall aquarium and it has various kinds of exhibits in different themed environments. You and your children would have blast seeing the piranhas, stingrays and sharks. One of the exhibits here also houses four white tigers.
  • Buffalo Bayou Park: This lovely outdoor space is one of the best places to visit in the city. Stretching 160 acres, you can take a stroll here to leave the city’s bustle. Here, you can also enjoy a guided kayak tour. Taking snapshots by the beautiful bayou here will get you all the hearts on Instagram.

Are you ready for Small Business Bootcamp?

This event will take place on June 11th, 2020, and it is a must for small business owners. If you are one, you can learn about different strategies to deal with challenges when you are running a business in a small budget. It will take place at Houston Marriott Sugar Land and it will host speakers who are all industry experts. You can rent an iPad from us for this one-day event. Many who will attend this event will rent iPhones and iPads from Dyal Rental. So we suggest you rent one, a month before.

What are the costs of renting iPhones and iPads in Houston from Dyal Rental?

We provide all the versions of iPhones and iPads on rent. If you are on a strict budget and you only need an iPhone, you can rent an iPhone 6S Plus instead of an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The deposit of an iPhone 6S Plus is relatively cheaper than an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The cost also varies depending upon the duration you will be in Boston, or any city in the US. Apart from that, the cost differs among the plans you choose. You can choose one without talktime where you can only text and use data and the other, where you have talktime and you can text along with using data at an additional price.