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23rd Jul 2021

Having gained a reputation for its sunny weather and Pacific coastline, Southern California is also renowned for its surfing spots and huge parks. It is eminent for its use of highways and automobiles making it one of the most well connected even though populated megalopolises in the US. Due to this, commuting becomes less daunting and people are able to reach their destination at a rather lesser time. This seamless transit owes its pace to navigation apps that guide the travelers to their stop with turn-by-turn navigation using Android or iOS gadgets. iOS becomes a preferred choice for conveyance given its multipurpose functionalities and impeccable software. Organizations prefer to rent iPhones or iPads to make transportation swift with a multitude of features that adhere to smooth transition.

Owing to its immaculate iOS, iPhones are well adapted while traversing and also used synchronously with the head unit to make the journey complete without any delays. To make the journey spotless Apple has introduced CarPlay that synchronizes with the radio or head unit and provides instructions to be handled by iPhone to the car. It acts as the perfect navigator that enables a steady transition while traversing and also managing a set of commands. iPhone and iPad rentals have never been so luring as now.

Here are a set of features offered by CarPlay for a perfect journey that leverages its benefits making it even more tempting:

1.Maps Direction: CarPlay allows envisioning the target point by reading the destination’s presence from your emails, text messages, calendars, and contacts. This provides vocalized turn-by-turn redirection so that there is an immersive experience and the endpoint is reached with minimum glitches. With the aid of the map, you can quickly look for points of interest, airports in the vicinity, restaurants, petrol pumps, hospitals, gyms, hotels, and more. CarPlay acts as the perfect co-pilot you can have in your drive. It supports third-party navigation apps viz. Google Maps and Waze App making traveling in Southern California seamless with iPhone rentals. This reduces the cost of ownership and offers astonishing offers to you at a lower price for a certain period.

2.Phone Calls: With the aid of CarPlay you can effortlessly make calls, return missed calls, send and receive messages, listen to voice mails all with the help of Siri. This ensures you don’t miss on your normal routine and meet the business goals quickly by being present all through the way. If you want to lower the cost of operations you may simply rent an iPhone or iPad for as long as your project deems it necessary. You just have to pass on the command and with Siri’s aid, your instructions will be met in the nick of time. The iPhones rentals allow delivering the gadgets in minimum time on your doorstep anywhere in Southern California.

3.Create Messages: iPhone rentals just got better! Now, create a message while on the go with Siri and CarPlay without having to halt and type. Simply direct your messages with the help of CarPlay to write or create audio and Siri will ensure that the message is sent to the person of interest. You can also send your estimated time of arrival to your preferred contact simply by speaking up in one instruction. Since Southern California is a hub of organizations small, medium, and large, driving its significance to use the best state-of-the-art gadgets maximizes the business throughput. For this reason, iPhone and iPad rentals are a major choice that uses the finest of functionalities and solutions. Isn’t it exciting!

4.Music Control: Now use Siri to control your CarPlay! Play your favorite music or artist by guiding Siri to choose from the list of songs. With CarPlay, Siri can control your music, podcasts, audiobooks, news, and control radio or in-built FM radio at the same time. It can also use maps and play music at the same time without compromising on the quality. Some of the music apps that work with CarPlay are Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Tidal, and Spotify. The clean interface makes navigating through the list of songs quite easy. For music controls, there are over 100,000 radio channels that can be chosen from thereby maximizing the entertainment factor. All the stations from Southern California can be selected to stay updated with its traffic and local events to stay afloat with what’s happening around.

5.Calendar: With Siri, you can open a calendar to view meetings on the day, redirect to the meeting location using maps, schedule events with the calendar, and create appointments. The upcoming meetings also appear in the CarPlay dashboard and with the in-builts controls you can easily turn up the upcoming meetings or appointments location’s address which can be followed with turn-by-turn navigation. Given the plethora of functionalities, iPhone and iPad rentals have become pivotal and play an instrumental role in upscaling the business and making the business presence optimal.

6.Wallpapers: With the introduction of iOS 14 now you can easily change the wallpaper of your dashboard by selecting the range of wallpapers provided by CarPlay. This spices up the visual presence and makes the accessibility even more exciting. Currently, the feature is limited to wallpapers provided by Apple or Carplay but who knows that the third-party wallpapers might be introduced in the future.

This was an insight into the features made available by CarPlay. Also, there is a multitude of major automobiles that support CarPlay on the go ranging to over 600 models with more models adapting it in upcoming releases. It makes iPhones and iPads rentals for Southern California more favorable than ever.

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