6th Jan 2021

1. Amazon:

One of the biggest names in the tech industry in Seattle is Amazon, of course. The renowned Seattle campus of Amazon consists of over 40 buildings with a wide variety of facilities, including mother's rooms, prayer rooms, game rooms, and more. Originally known for its website for selling books (and later digital copies through its Kindle e-reader), Amazon has built up an empire of customer support, inventory, and delivery that enables the site to deliver anything from clothing to lawn furniture to janitorial supplies. It also sells services like movies, music, and apps that are interactive. Its Amazon Web Services arm is a multi-billion-dollar cloud-based service provider with millions of global business clients, including government agencies and universities. And it's a big player in consumer electronics—not only by selling products such as Fire tablets and TV boxes but also through its Alexa AI assistant service, which was integrated into everything from LG refrigerators to Ford cars and made headlines at the CES 2017 gadget show. Amazon is also a Hollywood player, taking home the 2017 Golden Globes with two trophies. Yet the fundamentals of Bezos's corporate philosophy have been remarkably consistent over the years, concentrating on long-term consumer loyalty over short-term gains and never-ending growth into new companies.

The organization is also well known for promoting telecommuting, dynamic work environments, and community-oriented workspaces to allow its workers to achieve a good work-life balance.

Because each of these positions needs its different combination of skills and experience, it can help you stand out from the competition and get your foot in the door to achieve an advanced degree that aligns with the required skillset and provides true hands-on experiential learning. Good choices may be a Master of Science in Project Planning, Computer Programming, or Leadership & Strategic planning.

2. Microsoft:

Another iconic resident of the tech sector in Seattle is Microsoft, of course. In 1986, just outside Seattle, the tech giant built its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, and has continued to grow ever since. Three market segments are managed by Microsoft: More Personal Computing, Productivity, and Business Processes, and Intelligent Cloud. Microsoft is one of the world's leading technology firms with products like the Windows operating system, software for Office productivity, and cloud services from Azure. Millions are using LinkedIn, their business-oriented social network, to make connections. Microsoft sells to a wide variety of consumers across various outlets, as well as performing online sales and through OEMs, distributors, and resellers, as well as retailers. An overseeing for continuing sales is to preserve the brand identity and hold itself in front of the minds of potential consumers and commercial buyers. Customers include consumers, small and medium-sized companies, major multinational corporations, organizations in the public sector, suppliers of internet services, developers of software, and OEMs.The vast campus is nearly 8 million square feet today and accommodates 30,000 to 40,000 staff. The organizational culture of Microsoft is yet another highlight of joining this large team. Diversity and inclusion are at the center of the Microsoft culture and have a huge effect on how the team works. Employees have formed almost 50 communities within the organization focusing on career growth, support, mentoring, and other fields to help foster cultural understanding, and team members are encouraged to join or even build their groups. "Jennie Lay-Flurrie, Accessibility Director, says, "Our dedication to empowering every person and organization on the planet to do more means developing accessibility features in our current products and services. Since Microsoft is such a big business, it's no wonder that professionals in the software industry still have job opportunities available. Be sure to keep an eye on the work openings at Microsoft's Redmond Campus if you are interested in seeing what positions are currently available. Good examples of high-demand advanced degrees held by many Microsoft employees include a Master of Science in Information Technology or Creativity.

3. Tableau Software:

Tableau is a software company founded in 2003 that specializes in the development of business intelligence-focused interactive data visualization products. By empowering people with data, the company's goal is to make a difference in the world. Tableau is proud to be different from your typical company. As stated in Tableau's mission, a core company principle is "we use our products." Not only will the company listen to the needs of its clients, but they also obey them. Besides, Tableau is a data-focused organization that is genuinely data-driven. The reality supports any decision made at the business, making it an ideal workplace for critical thinkers.

Michael Truong, Tableau's Channel Manager, explained what working here is like. I spent 10 years in public service, in his words, and never imagined I would have this profound effect on a tech corporation. It's about a lot more than tech. At their Seattle headquarters, professionals who are looking to join the Tableau team will find a plethora of job listings for open positions. In the pool of candidates, getting an advanced degree based on a particular set of skills will help you stand out. A graduate certificate in Data Analytics or a master's degree in computer science could help, as Tableau is profoundly focused on data and technology.

4. Porch:

Relatively new to the tech scene in Seattle, Porch is an online platform where homeowners can communicate with local contractors for home improvement. The website, with 3 million listed practitioners and 130 million related home improvement ventures, was released in 2013 and rapidly became one of the fastest-growing companies in Seattle. As the business has evolved, with a strong vision, Porch has built a team of hard-working professionals: "Every project done, every customer satisfied." Matt Ehrlichman, CEO of Porch, says, "I am blessed to lead a company filled with world-class individuals." Each day, I learn from them. In anything they do, they bear our beliefs. They are solvers of problems, they persevere, they have empathy, and they care deeply for them. I wasn't willing to ask for a better squad. Their flexible vacation policy, comprehensive health insurance, 401k scheme, and family leave include some of the advantages of becoming part of the Porch squad. The corporate atmosphere embodied by Porch makes it a perfect place to function, apart from these explicit advantages. The team is always looking to expand, so be sure to check the job page of Porch to see open positions at its headquarters in Seattle. There is a high demand for careers at companies such as Porch, so it is important to have the right skill set required to succeed in this setting. Those with advanced degrees in project management or leadership could be a good match for the company due to the nature of Porch's business.

5. SAP Concur

SAP Concur, formerly known as Concur Technologies, is a company that offers travel and expense management services to companies through SaaS (software as a service). The cloud-based products from Concur help organizations run smoothly by offering a simple experience for workers and providing accountability in company spending. The organization has its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, and many other branches worldwide. Concur's Bellevue office is home to approximately 2500 employees who make up the massive, but tight-knit team of the organization. To encourage collaboration, the Bellevue location has broad, open office spaces and hosts monthly social activities, including business events where the entire family is invited. Concur is also a socially conscious organization that is passionate about giving back to the community, in addition to taking care of its workers. As SAP Concur is an increasingly growing company, rising talents in the tech industry have multiple job opportunities at their disposal. On SAP Concur's career page, job titles such as software engineer, mobile developer, and application security architect are currently listed. A significant number of Concur's members have a background in engineering or software development, as well as project management, like many other tech firms. Earning a Master of Science in Data Analytics Engineering, Cybersecurity, or Project Management could help prepare you for the type of job you as an employee would be required to complete.

Tech Development Prospects:

It is simple to see why young professionals in the industry are looking for ways to break into the Seattle tech scene in an area that is experiencing such exponential growth.

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