Locate Top Michelin Restaurants In Los Angeles With iPhones From Dyal Rentals

25th Oct 2021

Los Angeles is an expansive city in Southern California eminent as the hub of nation’s film and television industry. It is inhabitant to most popular tourist spots of Hollywood with Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers film cities offering best off-set tours to the visitors. Reputably known for attracting sightseers it adds up to the economy of the city and makes it prevalent among vacationers. LA, as it is widely known, has the most famous Hollywood sign where movie-making and leading television production houses have their head offices. There is no question that such a sophisticated city has some of the best restaurants for holding these rich class esteemed diners.

Since fine dining has caught traction in past few decades, food is no more just about appetite rather it has become a factor for soothing the soul by experimenting with different flavors. Fine dining in Los Angeles has elevated its status from edible food to visual artistry through food illustrations. Therefore, a concept of food photography has emerged recently that uplifts the whole perception of food to another level. The most unique part of past decade is that now food has reached to appeal to the aesthetic sense and allows to soak in the imagery apart from hitting the palate. For this, phones with high-resolution and low-light cameras have become quite popular. iPhones stand out while comparing the pixel quality of mobile phones where the rich quality of images in iPhone allows taking pictures that surpass the best of professional cameras. iPhones rentals are also becoming eminent for working on projects for proficient purposes or personal blogs on food. Los Angeles is a high-standard city where food photography is quite famous. For this, the Michelin restaurants prove fruitful that serve food full of skills to be covered for personal blogs.

Here is our tour of a couple of leading Michelin starred restaurants in Los Angeles that offer you an experience full of ecstasy.

  • Bistro Na’s: One-star Michelin restaurant Bistro Na’s brings back the imperial touch and embarks on the journey to the classical Chinese dynasty. The elegant dishes here captivate the attention with a novice touch to the traditional cuisines. Food in Bistro Na’s speak eloquently of Qing Dynasty steered adeptly by Chef Tian ensuring that each dish curated and delivered is of top-notch quality and speaks profoundly of royal Manch cooking. The guests get to taste the epitome of fine dining here that takes them into a portal of epiphany and have the best-tasting experience. The produce whether veggies or proteins are seasonal and freshly picked to craft only the most sumptuous and finger-licking good recipes. The seasoned chefs here are pioneers of the cooking and fine-dining field and deliver food that looks like a canvas on the plate. This classic restaurant also attracts food critics and reviewers to rate the restaurant and therefore need to take images of this fine-dining experience. This is where iPhones come in handy with the best-in-breed cameras to take breath-taking images which can be used to rate the food personally or professionally to be posted on or other platforms.
  • Phenakite: This stupefying one Michelin star restaurant by Chef Minh Phan of porridge + puffs, Phenakite stands distinctively in the league of Michelin starred restaurants. It is eminent for experimenting with a range of eateries with a contemporary touch inspired by its name. Phenakite opens up a vortex to travel beyond animals and plants and juxtaposes the exchange of energy between earth and the produce. The seasonal ingredients take the diners to introspect about food in gorgeous color and transfuse flavor in each bite that allows them to contemplate food distinctly. It takes into account the best seasonal produce and offers to amalgamate their flavors to emerge with a complex and satisfying outcome that leaves the diners pining for more. The menu is designed for omnivores which extends further to accommodate their allergies to give a personal touch to the diners leaning on seasonal plants and seafood. The unique tasting menu resonates well with the food critics who are more than inspired by the lavish spectrum of décor and flavor infusion of the modern taste. Diners flock here is high especially after the time of lockdown.
  • Providence: Two-starred Michelin restaurant by Michael Cimarusti’s Providence stands tall in the heart of Los Angeles enthused by standard and modern American seafood. Chef Michael has from the very basics emphasized procuring fresh produce from the regional coastlines to international waters paying the seafood the utmost homage it deserves and treat it with intricate sophistication. The stress is on sustainability and therefore catching sustainable seafood from American waters primarily. Providence has brought to its attention the necessity of focusing on quality rather than quantity and spends a huge amount of time to come up with stupendous recipes that explode in the mouth as flavor bombs and retain the restaurant its well-earned two Michelin stars. The food here speaks of quality and purity and is crafted with utmost precision with flavors inspired by Asian and Mediterranean heritage. The exquisite service is what adds to the comfort in this place with tonnes of helping hands available. Opened after the lockdown in Los Angeles the restaurant redeems itself and is worth a detour to let the quality of food speak for itself.
  • Kali: Incepted by bosom buddies Chef Kevin Meehan and Drew Langley, this one-star Michelin restaurant has ticked all the boxes of high-end dining. At Kali, the most prominent factors are style of cooking, techniques used, produce quality, ingredients used, and service which makes the diners feel at home and enjoy a casual day that turns out to be a memorable one. Kali is not just about fine dining, but the cuisines here strongly reflect the amount of rigorous effort that has been put in to perfect every dish on the menu. The hospitality here is at par which has reached its highest potential ranging from the white tablecloth kitchens to neatly donned service people whose attire mirror the kind of perfection that blends right from cooking to elegant plating. When assessing the ingredient quality and chef’s skill it all speaks out loud once the food is served. The storefront calls for attention and attracts the diners to have a culinary experience out of the world with food that hums subtly on the palate with flavors playing with tastebuds.

iPhone pairs up perfectly with these restaurants for the food critics and personal bloggers looking for high-quality images. Images that are rich in quality balance adeptly with the fine dining experience. If you don’t have an iPhone to complement your visit to Michelin restaurants in Los Angeles, do not fret. You can rent iPhones at an economical price from Dyal Rentals. Rent iPhones in Los Angeles and steal the moment in your memory card takeaway priceless experiences.