iPhone/iPad Rental Las Vegas | Things to do in Las Vegas

2nd Dec 2018

The world-famous Las Vegas where visitors can enjoy bright lights, gambling, food and lots of other attractions. With neon lights, massive fountains and entertainment at every corner, the Sin City delivers sensory overload.

Las Vegas has endless opportunities whether you want to roll the dice, watch a top performance, eat or simply enjoy the glittering spectacle, it can be quite hard to pick what to do first when you visit Las Vegas.

In order to make your life simpler, we have created a list which will help make the most of your Las Vegas visit:

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

The iconic ‘’Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada’’ sign serves as the city’s unofficial welcome symbol. The famous sign was designed by Betty Willis back in 1959, and since then the neon beacon has welcomed visitors to the city. This sign has been added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009, and it’s one of the most photographed spots in town.

Bellagio fountain show and botanical garden

Visitors cannot miss the famous Bellagio and its dancing fountains and botanical gardens. The fountains which you must have seen in numerous movies explode in a fusion of light and music, ranging from Broadway tunes to opera. As impressive as the fountains are, the gardens are equally awesome. It takes more than 140 individuals to maintain it.

Fremont Street

Fremont Street Experience is one of those attracting no visitors should miss. In the glittery street, you can experience top-notch light and sound show that will leave you speechless. Colourful displays of lights and loud music take place several times a night.

Mob Museum

Enjoyed reading and watching Godfather and want to relive the days when mob-ruled America, then the Mob Museum offers the opportunity to learn about organised crime. The museum explores organised crime from the very beginning through interactive activities and exhibits. You can learn about the mobsters, crime family leaders and moll at this 42-million-dollar museum.

The Strip

Las Vegas is filled with casinos, but the eight-mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard contains the most of them. It features over the top mega-casino hotels, decorated with lights and attention to detail to create a fantasy land. The casinos often have names and themes that evoke romance, mystery, and far-away destination. Walking along the strip is fun and will make your trip worthwhile.

To enjoy all these beautiful places in Sin City, a smartphone is a must. It will help understand more about Las Vegas and help you explore the city like never before. There are so many apps which will make your visit to the Vegas even more worthwhile. Plus, these days’ smartphones like iPhone comes with an incredible camera which is perfect to capture all the beautifully lit city.

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