iPhone XS Max is Another Apple Masterclass - Dyal rental

31st Oct 2018

There is no point beating around the bush, iPhone Xs Max is the best smartphone Apple has ever made. It is also the company’s biggest phone with a 6.5-inch display which will surely come in handy. Over the years iPhone has somehow become the benchmark for smartphones. Whether it’s smart marketing, great products or high aspirational value, you simply cannot escape the iPhone.

Why get the new iPhone Xs Max?

Their latest edition iPhone Xs Max is like a mini movie theatre you carry around in your pocket. Even though Apple has been late to the OLED display, they managed to make it more impressive than their competitors. The iPhone Xs Max packs more resolution than its predecessor as it offers 2688 X 1242 resolution which makes it the best display that Apple has incorporated in any phone. Everything looks better. Viewing angles are spot on, the brightness level is perfect with vibrant colours and sharp images. You can compare iPhone Xs Max display with any other phone in the market and chances are that iPhone will emerge victorious. The screen is so good that you don't need any other device to consume contents.

When you have such great display on your hands, you are bound to use it often to indulge in everything the internet has to offer which leads us to battery life. The battery on iPhone Xs Max is superb. It can easily last a day with your typical usage. The iPhone Xs Max is perfect for streaming video and play games, with a battery that should last all day with these intensive activities. Whether you are continually pushing email or teaming up with your friend in the PUGB world, the iPhone Max has got your back.

The iPhone Xs Max has improved the stereo sound as well. It has widened the speakers to deliver more details which you will notice immediately. The audio boost is so good that you’ll think twice about connecting to a speaker.

Regarding performance, the iPhone Xs Max comes with Apple’s latest A12 Bionic chip, which is 40 per cent more power-efficient than the previous models, while the GPU is said to be 50 per cent more powerful than the A11 chip. The A12 chip makes everything smooth from navigation, editing to loading massive games, the process is glitch free. The iPhone Xs Max is a ridiculously fast phone compare to any top-of-the-line Android phones in the market which means you won’t be running around looking for a charger or go through the horror of low battery.

If you are in the market for a smartphone that does everything, then iPhone Xs max is the best mobile can buy. The biggest drawback of iPhone Xs Max is its pricing. The iPhone Xs Max starts at $1,099 for 64GB, and goes up to $1,249 for 256GB and an eye-watering 1,449 for 512GB. Yes, that's more than a 13-inch MacBook. Spending such an obscene amount of money on a smartphone seems ridiculous for most of us when there are alternatives in the market for a lesser amount. But if you really want the pinnacle of Apple’s smartphone line, then iPhone Xs Max is the phone to get.

However, before committing such a ridiculous amount on a mobile device, it’s better to try it out yourself. If you are wondering how is that possible, don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Try renting the iPhone Xs Max from Dyal rental. They offer iPhone Xs Max rental among other Apple devices.

iPhone Xs Max rental makes sense as it allows users to test the device and make a decision based on experience rather than depending on reviews which are on the internet. Whether you want to try iPhone Xs max for one week or a couple of months- the choice is yours. Dyal rental’s pricing makes it easier to rent iPhone Xs Max without investing colossal amount. iPhone Xs Max rental is a great alternative rather than purchasing outright. Choose the subscription period that suits you, and send it back when you don’t need it anymore, it’s that simple.