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2nd Feb 2019

The oldest city of California, San Diego is popular among travelers. From intriguing museums to luxurious gardens, beautiful cultural and historical sights and several entertainment options, the city offers amazing experiences to its visitors. So pack your bags and head to San Diego for some memorable time with your family.

There is so much to explore in San Diego that you might be confused as to where to start from. So here we bring you some of the best experiences in the city.

Balboa Park

Your very first excursion in San Diego should be to Balboa Park. Spread on an area measuring 1200 acres; it is North America’s largest cultural urban park comprising the rich legacy of the region. Hosting exotic gardens, fascinating museums, recreation sites, Balboa Park provides its visitors a wide array of experiences. It will be one of the most memorable spots of your San Diego tour.

Gaslamp Quarter National Historic District

Another prominent attraction of San Diego which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places is the Gaslamp Quarter National Historic District. The beautiful site located in the downtown region has numerous entertainment and dining options. Its major attractions are the buildings of the Victorian era that shed a light on the architectural grandeur of the past. An impressive blend of poised past and vibrant present, the place is a must-visit for the unique experience it offers.

Seaport Village

The next place on your travel list of San Diego should be the beautiful Seaport Village. The waterfront site offering incredible views of the water and lined with unique shops and restaurants is excellent for spending a relaxing afternoon. There are picnic benches, patios all around where you can spend some quality time with your family and friends, or just relax witnessing the beauty of gliding water.

San Diego SeaWorld

After a day of relaxation, head to San Diego SeaWorld to witness exotic sea life. It is a popular attraction of the city that houses various sea animals including killer whales, dolphins, and sea lions. Have one of the most amazing experiences of your life walking through the acrylic tunnel which passes through the aquarium, offering a closer look at sharks and other sea creatures. Besides it, there are touch tanks and enclosures too where you can enjoy Dolphin shows. The site also hosts various kinds of rides that offer a thrilling experience.

Coronado Beach

Your visit to San Diego is incomplete without visiting Coronado beach, one of the finest beaches across the globe. The long stretches of sand along sparkling waters bring out the quintessential charm of San Diego. The beach is counted among the top beaches of America for families. Relax in its serene beauty that pampers your tired souls. You can also take a stroll along the Orange Avenue shops. There are restaurants too where you can satiate your taste-buds.

San Diego Museum of Art

The next attraction on your travel list should be San Diego Museum of Art. A must-visit for art lovers and curious souls, the museum holds a fascinating collection of artwork from around the world with some pieces that were created 7000 years ago. Here you will find the renowned works of Italian and Spanish painters along with the famous artworks of South Asian and American artists. The museum also holds temporary exhibitions from across the globe bringing forth the diverse creativity spread around.

Know how you can make your San Diego tour much more fun

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