iPhone & iPad Rental Chicago | Discover The Beauty of Chicago

22nd Dec 2018

Lying at the shores of the Lake Michigan, the beautiful city of Chicago is one of the prime tourist destinations. With its exquisitely laid out natural beauty, interesting architecture, cultural attractions, beautiful art depictions, and rocking festivals, Chicago makes for a great vacation spot. There is a lot to explore and experience in the Windy City of Chicago that brims with life.

Upon landing in Chicago, you might get too overwhelmed seeing the exuberance of the artistic city. But do not let the feeling of awesomeness overtake you. Here we share with you the best places and experiences that are a must-visit while in Chicago.

Start your exploration with the Art Institute of Chicago, the second largest museum of USA. It has an impressive collection of artwork comprising of decorative arts, photography, sculpture etc., and is well known for its Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings that can rival those in France. The surreal art collection will leave you awestruck.

After a look at the art collection from the past, head out to explore the magnificence of the present. Take a look at the beauty of the Willis Tower, the tallest building of Chicago, you will have to bend your neck quite a bit to get a view of its top. Never mind, step in its elevator that takes you to the 103rd floor of the building in a jiffy. Head out to the observation deck with glass floors and enjoy a majestic view of the city while the wind roars in your ears.

Next on your visiting list should be the Millenium Park that stores some of the beautiful sights of the city. While strolling through it you will across a beautiful silver sculpture, the Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor, the famous Crown Fountain, Pritzker Pavilion, and the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink. Also, do make a visit to the Laurie Gardens that bloom with prairie flowers and the BP bridge that provides beautiful skyline views.

Experience the real charm of Chicago at Navy Pier, one of the most popular attractions of Chicago. Spread on an area of 50 acres, the pier consists of numerous shops, parks, gardens, restaurants, attractions, and concert venues where you can have some fun time. The place also has a Ferris wheel measuring up to 150 feet and providing panoramic views of the city.

Those who love architecture will be amazed by the wonderful Rookery building which is listed on the Register of National Historic Places. This 12 story building is quite famous for the intriguing ironwork on it staircase which is a gem of the craft.

After so much fun and exploration, you might want to rest a bit. If yes, then there can be no better place for relaxation than the Lincoln Park, which is the city’s largest park. The wide stretch of greenery provides you serene tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This park also comprises of some other popular attractions like the Lincoln Park Zoo, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago History Museum and Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Besides, there are displays of art on the park's ground as well.

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