13th Dec 2020

iPhones just keep getting better with each version. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is so far the best. With incredible battery life, it is durable enough to withstand dirt and little amounts of water. The integrated triple-lens camera enhances pictures and videos like no other. Traveling with it is simply desirable!

But, fret not, if you don’t have one. We offer this iPhone model and some of its previous versions, starting from iPhone 6S Plus, on rent in the States. Apart from that, we offer the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Apple TV and the true wireless AirPods. If you happen to travel to any part of the country for a conference or your family vacation, we have you covered.

Major business locations in St Louis where iPhones and iPads are necessary

Deemed as one of the best cities in the country for small business entrepreneurs, St Louis’ economy is largely run by biotech and corporate ventures. With its affordable cost of living and diverse economy, the tech-friendly city hosts a number of events each year. It has several business centers, among which, the two mentioned below host the best large-scale exhibitions and business conferences:

  • America’s Center Convention Complex: This massive complex boasts four convention centers – Cervantes Convention Center, The Dome at America’s Center, St Louis Executive Conference Center and Ferrara Theatre. Collectively, there are 502,000 square feet of exhibition space.
    • Gateway Arch: This 630-foot-high structure in stainless steel is a must-see. You can visit this iconic marvel any time of the day and traverse its surrounding, well-maintained grounds. You can also go up the arch with a ride available for a nominal fee. The aerial view of the city in the evenings is especially delightful. With an iPhone 11 Pro Max, you won’t have to worry about getting all the likes on your Insta-handle.
    • St Louis Zoo: This family-friendly attraction should not be missed. After all, it is rated as ‘America's Top Free Attraction’. The zoo offers home to over 13,000 animals and has several sections for different species. River’s Edge is one exhibit where you can see Asian elephants, Andean bears and Black Rhinos. On the other hand, you have the famed McDonnell Polar Bear Point where the snow-white mammals can be observed from above and below the water. With such incredible animals on display, you can take the best pics and 4K selfie videos at 60 fps using the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  • Are you ready for Business Professionals Networking?

    This casual business event will be held on December 14th 2020 at Café Napoli. This event allows attendees to meet accomplished business professionals directly to expand their businesses and grow their networks. If you are planning to attend it, you can reach out to us for booking an iPhone or iPad and showcase your ideas efficiently. We suggest you book one from us a month ahead.

    What are the costs of renting iPhones and iPads in St Louis from Dyal Rental?

    The cost of an iPhone and iPad on rent depends on which model you are going for and how long you require it. As we have transparent rates, the cost will also depend on what plan you choose. You can either choose the one without calling but with texting and data usage or the one with calling, texting and data with some extra charge.