25th Oct 2019

When it comes to renting iPhones in New York, you will find the best ones from Dyal Rental. Whether you are visiting the city for vacation or visiting for a business event, we provide iPhones and iPads in bulk as well. We have all the latest versions of iPhones and iPads ranging from iPhone 5s to iPhone XS Max model. We also provide Apple accessories including Apple Airpods and Apple TV, which you can rent along with any of the iPhone versions. iPads, having replaced laptops and notebooks, are extremely necessary for meetings nowadays. At Dyal Rental, you can rent iPad mini and iPad pro versions.

Top business locations in New York where iPhones and iPads are necessary

If you are travelling to New York for a conference, major business event or a tradeshow, there are several business venues. With several events held in the city throughout the year, there are dedicated convention centres and opulent hotels with separate meeting rooms. Dyal Rental provides the best versions of iPads. They are extremely light and are perfect for all kinds of computational needs. The following below are among the best of New York’s event spaces:

  • Jacob K. Javits Convention Center: Located on 655 West 34th Street, this four-storeyed convention centre offers an exhibition space spanning 760,000 square feet. There are about 102 meeting halls in various kinds of seating arrangements. Offering free Wi-Fi throughout the venue, you can easily use an iPad for your meeting. Instead of buying one, you can easily rent one from Dyal Rental.
  • Metropolitan Pavilion: This sophisticated venue on 125 West 18th Street has four elegant meeting spaces. Its Full Pavilion venue spans across 25,000 square feet, while its Metropolitan Suite covers 8,500 square feet. The Gallery and The Level also have enough space for various business events. All of these spaces are provided with high-speed internet.

Best vacation hotspots in New York where you need iPhones

New York, nicknamed as the ‘City That Never Sleeps’, is home to various cultural attractions. The most famous is probably its Broadway theatre district. But that’s not all. A large number of museums, exquisite diners and shopping areas make the city a favourite among all. When you are visiting the city for the first time, an iPhone can definitely make it more convenient. Whether you want to take those Instagram-worthy pics or shoot videos of your loved ones, you may know that an iPhone’s camera quality is unmatchable. Moreover, apps such as TKTS for checking the availability of broadway shows, or the New York Subway MTA Map when you are taking the metro, run smoothly. Do check out these amazing attractions that you must visit:

  • Broadway Theater District: If you are planning to visit this dynamic neighbourhood, the historic Carnegie Hall is a must-visit. Located at 881 7th Ave., this landmark has three massive performance areas. The Rose Museum inside is always open to the public. Do explore musical texts and photographs here. Gershwin Theater on 222 W 51st Street is yet another cultural attraction you should not miss. So, if you are around this area and an avid theatre lover, taking your pics in front of these cultural hotspots will be amazing. You can get the best pics from an iPhone, for which, you simply need to rent one from Dyal Rental.
  • Long Island Aquarium: When you are in the city for the first time with your little ones, this aquarium is a must-visit. Located on 431 East Main Street in Riverhead, this family attraction has multiple exhibits. Let your children have a blast feeding stingrays at the Ray Bay. You must surely capture this activity on video. Head to the Coral Reef exhibit and enjoy the sight of a kaleidoscope of colours. For the best video quality, an iPhone is quite handy, as it has several features. You can also edit your videos on the iPhone without having to worry about editing in your computer. For this, you wouldn’t have to purchase a new one. Dyal Rental offers an iPhone on rent.

What are the costs of renting iPhones and iPads in New York from Dyal Rental?

Depending on the duration, the cost of renting an iPhone in New York from Dyal Rental differs. There are iPhones available on a weekly and monthly basis. We offer iPhones on rent up to three months. You can also choose from the different options available. If you simply want to use an iPhone with a data plan and only use the texting services, you can choose one with the ‘No Talk’ option. You can also choose an iPhone that is available for texting and calling with data for an additional price. It is ideal to rent iPhones from us, as you won’t have to pay the hefty international roaming bill amount. Our delivery is prompt, as we ship on the same day you make an order online. You will also get your deposit back with no hassle, as our pricing is transparent.