15th Jun 2019

Among the largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Dallas, along the Trinity River, with its innumerable attractions welcomes all kinds of travellers. While its dining and trendy shopping neighbourhoods should be explored during any visit, its museums, galleries, parks, lakes and forests should also not be missed.

When you are planning a short trip – over a weekend perhaps – to this wonderful city with your loved ones, these attractions below will be equally exciting for all:

  • Dallas Zoo – Stretching across 106 acres of land, Dallas Zoo is known for having a variety of habitats ranging from South American rainforests to African savannah. Within the premises, there is also the Lacerte Family Children’s Zoo with a number of interactive exhibits. Here, your little ones would love the Underzone, a crawl-through tunnel where they can see dwarf mongooses, hornbills and naked mole-rats. There is also Travis & Zach’s Birds Landing, a garden where your kids get to learn how to feed the different species of birds.

  • Perot Museum of Nature And Science – This unique attraction at Victory Park with 5 floors housing 11 exhibit halls is a must-visit for all ages. One of the most sought-after attractions here that will delight your kids is the 35-foot skeletal cast of Malawisaurus, an African dinosaur. If you feel peckish after a tour of the exhibits, the wonderful café here has a special menu for the little ones as well.

  • Bishop Arts District – This historical district at Oak Cliff has quite a large number of boutique shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. The best part about this neighbourhood is that it is open all day. If you are here early morning and all of you in the family are health-conscious, the Tribal All Day Café offers many options for breakfasts such as gluten-free meals and cold-pressed juices.
  • Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park – If you and your loved ones enjoy thrilling activities at amusement parks, Dallas’ Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park at 11131 Malibu Drive will be an experience you will never forget. The Skycoaster Ride and the 130-foot drop at Nothin’ but Net are among the best attractions here.
  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden – Located at 8525 Dallas Road, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden stretches across 66 acres of lush greenery. While it is simply amazing to stroll around here, within the premises there is also a dedicated children’s play area, Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden. Your little ones will certainly enjoy the Discovery Center here that houses exhibits on science and exploration.

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