Industry Giants Rent iPhone and iPad In COVID-19 From Dyal Rentals

8th Jul 2021

With the outpour of new cases of Corona in this pandemic, it has become obvious to stay sealed at homes. This implies organizations offering work from home with a virtual office environment. In such a scenario, the global connect has enhanced its presence but the workforce is somewhat affected. Since the workstations cannot be synonymously created at homes it is mandatory to create an identical ecosystem that keeps the employees motivated and compelled to meet deliverables. The reward model is one of the best methods to drive an employee to outshine their performance. For this, they can be provided gadgets at home on rentals like laptops, cellular phones, and tablets. The phones and tablets can be either from iOS or Android that meets business practice.

With the sleek and robust model of latest iPhone 12 Pro Max offering sturdy features and optimal quality of endurance, it becomes an excellent choice for rentals. Built with a ceramic shield it is better than most smartphones and is cost-effective when it comes to rentals. iPhone has a plethora of features that are loved by all and its high-resolution camera is just what it takes to click outstanding pictures. With COVID-19 there has been an upheaval in the market thereby making it mandatory to stay connected on finger-tips for businesses to experience minimum disruption. Rentals here offer a powerful solution since purchasing iPhones or iPads for all your employees might not be economical.

There is no question about the performance of iPhones and iPads as they are the preferred choice of gadgets. Since they aren’t economical otherwise, rentals offer the best resolution with which the workforce can utilize the benefits of iPhone or iPads and make presentations, schedule meetings, create documents, and attend conferences from home itself.

Here are few reasons how iPhone and iPad come in handy in the time of pandemic:

1.Generations Ahead of Other Smart Phones

iPhone and iPad are built using state-of-the-art technology and with an intuitive structure that enables users to operate them seamlessly. Its crisp framework is a mile ahead of the current gadgets available in the market and is upgraded to help users in the time of the pandemic. For instance, in its annual developer conference in June 2021 the tech giant Apple declared new updates in its software that are targeted for the pandemic. Considerably, it announced that FaceTime, its popular video calling app can now be accessed from any device or OS with coming iOS 15. Apple users can create FaceTime links and share them with people of multiple devices outside of iOS. The link can be fetched from iPhone, iPad, and Mac making their rental all the more exciting. Apple also introduced the SharePlay feature with which users can share screens and listen to songs, watch movies or work on some project together. The pandemic made iPhone and iPad rentals worth trying with all the astounding features.

2. Develop Apps For Contact Tracing

Apple and Google are collaborating to develop APIs that enable interoperability between iOS and Android devices by public health authorities. This is a sensible move on the end of both tech giants where they looked for a greater cause ahead of the competition. This step will help in contact tracing and work on the pressing problem and global confrontation. It makes iPhone, iPad, and Android all the more functional and significant to rent. With this rental, stakeholders can have the best of both worlds and harness the power of technology to combat COVID-19. The close collaboration of developers, health providers, and government can slow down the spread of Corona and eventually beat the pandemic with awareness. Apple and Google have also come together to detect Bluetooth contact tracing which is more reliable than APIs. It gives one more good reason to rent iPhones and iPads in this time of the pandemic.

3. Economic Options No More Available

iPhones and iPads business has taken a fleet in countries where they are available at a lower price however, in places where their price is considerably on the higher side trade has gone downhill. For these places, the best option is to rent iPhones and iPads and enjoy all the features of these astonishing gears. With the iPhone and iPad characteristics offering best-of-breed solutions, they are more or less the preferred gadgets to carry out personal or business arrangements by professionals, and therefore rentals are a great choice to complete projects with optimal resolutions and features hired for a particular period. Due to the pandemic, commute to the offices has minimized so the workforce might have limited resources at home to work which implies lesser productivity. In this setup, the organizations can rent iPhones and iPads for the employees to work with at home and boost the efficiency of their employees with cutting-edge technology.

Why Choose Dyal Rentals for iPhone and iPad rentals

The homegrown products iPhone and iPad of Apple are in the heftier range and so everyone cannot afford it. Though they are a little expensive, there is no doubt they are full of astounding functionalities and offer rich features that fulfill business goals quickly. This is why Dyal Rentals offers you to rent these amazing gadgets at a reasonable price with which you can take full advantage of their features without burning a hole in your pocket. Dyal Rentals offers a wide range of products that can be rented for a period with no limitations to the features. This implies you can enjoy the creamy features of these gadgets and work efficiently. The best part is you don’t have to move an inch, as soon as you offer the gadgets they are delivered to your doorstep in the minimum time.

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, it becomes all the more essential to rent iPhones and iPads given their wide range of functionality that is tailored and stitched to meet business goals in the nick of time. So, order your iPhones and iPad now and redefine the definition of business performance by working with the best gadgets available in the market.