14th Jun 2021

Dallas is an emerging tech hub with headquarters and offices of the most eminent conglomerates. It has gained traction in the past couple of years with the spotlight on all sorts of technologies and trade centers. Gradually, Dallas is growing to be a central attraction point of organizations headquartered all over the globe given its rising market value. Since these organizations need digital gears to carry out their daily dealings and communications effectively, they have to handpick their gadgets and gears mindfully and choose from various popular OS. Their choices include Android, Windows, and iOS equipment and accessories. Given the tailored and stitched hardware and highly functional software, Apple equipment is the number one choice for usage.

These organizations can choose iPhone and iPad rentals to quickly meet deadlines and business goals. iPhone and iPad rentals allow these companies to test platform-independent apps and services to be a strategic enabler of business agility.

Here we will cover few organizations in Dallas that can function excellently by using iPhone and iPad rental plans.


Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, and a leading organization with the largest revenue in the world. It belongs to the General Merchandisers industry and was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. With an office in Dallas, Walmart has an extensive global presence and an unusual employee ratio of 45% women and 39% ethnic minorities. It is popular for its transparency, global dominance, excellence and success, ground-breaking business practices, and growing eminence every passing day. It uses iPhone and iPad for its rising tech requirement and making quick transactions. These tech gadgets are the leading choice given the virus-free and robust structure of iOS that prevents breaches of data and hacking. Apart from buying these gadgets, a smart option is to rent them for a certain period for cost-effective performance. Since the sensitive information of the organization is managed in a secure environment, it is taken care of with fencing with iOS. With the healthy work environment and processes, it has become the largest private employer in the world with over 2.3 million employees worldwide and still is on the continuous rise. Walmart operates under 60 different names all across the world by acquiring the companies in different geographical locations and retaining the original name to keep the buyers familiar with the stores.

It is monitored by a 15-member board of directors that are chosen every year by shareholders. Hillary Clinton was also a member of the unit from 1986 to 1992 and stepped back when her husband Bill Clinton became the president. Walmart is popularly known for its charitable causes that equate to one billion dollars in charity every year. Built on heavy land area, it covers more than 1.1 billion square feet with over 10,500 stores in 24 countries and is still growing.

2.JP Morgan Chase & Company

JP Morgan Chase & Company is an America-based multinational investment bank and financial services company in Dallas which is headquartered in New York City. It is the richest bank in the United States and the sixth wealthiest bank in the world as ranked by S&P Global. JP Morgan Chase & Company is termed after JP Morgan who dominated the corporate financial industry in the US. An avid art collector, he had an estimated 50 million dollars worth of art collection. He was also a benefactor to National History Museum and there is even a library named after him. JP Morgan Chase & Company owes its presence to him.

Since banking needs an extremely safe and guarded environment, JP Morgan Chase & Company uses iPhones and iPads as one of its chosen gadgets as a highly preferred source of deals and transactions in the organization. These secure dealings bring credibility among the employees and customers ensuring that the company follows a client-first motto. With high-tech gadgets, employees get inspired and have a seamless working experience.

Lately, hit by the COVID wave where most of the organizations and banks are bleeding profusely, JP Morgan Chase & Company remains quite unfazed even to the surprise of the CEO, Jamie Dimon. Since the market was volatile, the profit ratio came down but the organization was able to lower the debt ratio.

With its global consumer base, JP Morgan Chase & Company is termed as a universal and custodian bank and has put forward a global footprint and extended hand in Consumer and Community Banking, Corporation and Investment Bank, Commercial Banking, Asset and Wealth Management, and Corporate Presence. Its information base allows clients and prospects to make informed purchasing and investing decisions and evolve effectively.

3.Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young is a professional services firm headquartered in London, England with a development center in Dallas. It aims to provide business transformations and allow organizations to meet their toughest and biggest challenges while realizing their greatest ambitions. Ernst & Young provides businesses direction to have a competitive edge in the global market which in turn improves the performance of the organizations and enables them to better manage risk. Its tax team guides the businesses and individuals to pay the right amount of tax at the right time in the right countries. The primary aim of the organization is to strike a balance between what’s good for the community and what’s good for the company.

Since it aims at bringing the best of both worlds for the employees, it uses the best gadgets available which range from android to iOS device rentals or purchases. With the prompt responsive apps, they quickly interact with businesses to make investments while buying, selling, or merging with other businesses or start-ups. The business ethics and values make it among the leading professional services firms along with Deloitte, KPMG, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


Accenture, a global professional services firm based in Dallas is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Its global presence includes 482,000 employees with a base in 120 countries. The primary services offered by Accenture are business, technology, operations, and digital services and strategies. It caters services to 96% Fortune Global 100 and has esteemed relationships with its 99% clients for over 5 years and 91% for around 10 years. Accenture excels in providing aid of right decision making to organizations and helps them increase their revenue and ROI.

It adopts the most innovative and modern gadgets for its employee base and provides state-of-the-art amenities with the latest techniques. The high-resolution and seamless graphics of the iPhone and iPad are among its first choice for revamping its business presence and work for a fast and scalable model. Accenture’s clients trust it with their data to make decisions on their behalf sometimes completely and at times in portions inspired by its commitment to innovate and excel at the job.

Some of its major clients range from Security, IT, Finance, Airlines, Banking, eCommerce, Insurance, and other industries. E.g. insurance companies trust Accenture services to process more than 40 million insurance claims per year and make informed decisions to redefine global industry presence, pharmaceutical companies that produce top 100 drugs associate with Accenture for consulting and technology and outsourcing and redefining global presence. Accenture follows the protocol of researching the client’s requirements and providing lasting solutions. It has provided services to over 6000 companies by now and looking to expand beyond Dallas to more cities.

5. Nestle

Nestle is a multinational food and beverage company headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland. It is the biggest food and beverage company in the world with a branch in Dallas, Texas. Originally started from condensed milk and infant formula products, Nestle expanded its base after World War One and even more potently by World War Two. It has massively grown its base by acquiring a plethora of companies by its 150 birth year and continues to do so. Other companies’ acquisition has allowed it to expand its brand presence across the globe most of which include food and beverages companies. Nestle has over 418 factories all over the world which is constantly expanding. The products of Nestle range from Nescafe, Maggi, Milkybar, Milo, Kit-Kat, Milkmaid, and Nestea to more.

It exclusively uses iPhone and iPad among many amenities for its global technology adoption and operations. Since it is a food and beverage company, it has an impact on every individual be it an infant or a grown-up adult. It has brought about a revolution in the food industry with its large-scale varied food options to choose from and continues to grow its product base by acquiring other food and beverage companies.

Its ready-to-eat B2C model has served trillions of individuals and brought a huge impact on the growing food industry. Nestle has set benchmarks of high standards and pulls the food industry among the leading verticals in the world.

Technology Speaks

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