Can Being On Your Phone Too Much Cause Anxiety?

16th Apr 2021

Does your SmartPhone Make You Feel Anxious or Sad?

And Do You Know Keeping Your Phone Away From You Give You A Mental Health Break?

From the past two decades, mobile phones have become an essential thing for humans. They have grown with time and technology progress and they have become now the one-stop solutions for getting data, talking or chatting with people, taking pictures, watching or listening to entertainment, connecting with so many using various apps, and many more. Smartphone technology has been a huge role in this coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. But as each coin has two sides, smartphones may also have negative long-term impacts. But don't worry! Such bad effects can be reduced by keeping your phone away from you once in a while.

What the experts talk about about this phone anxiety?

There is so much research and experiences are made on the smartphone and their effects on the young generation. Though, not all researches or examinations can identify the direct link between mobile devices and mental well-being.

But the latest study done by the University of Arizona revealed that youngsters who are more addicted to their smartphones are more prone to feel sadness and loneliness.

Also, Hopelab and Well Being Trust's 2018 survey explained that young people aged between 14 to 22 had mixed reactions to social media applications. People are comparing their life with others while using social media and feeling left or alone or something depressed.

Bad Effects of Phone Uses

Increased Anxiety Levels: Yes, it's proved that continuous smartphone use increases your anxiety levels. The constant vibrations and notification sounds from mobile phones can make you feel irritated. It limits you from concentrating well on other tasks and makes you feel stressed.

More Reduced Sleep Quality: The University of Gothenburg in Sweden stated that the extreme use of mobile phones will raise sleep disturbances, depression, and increased stress in both males and females, especially in the youngsters after a study on it.

Eye Strain and the Chance of Bacterial Infection: Continuous touching and staring at the phone screen lead to eye issues as you are stretching your eyes. And it will also reveal you to the bacteria on it.

Relationship Problems: Extreme use of phones may have a bad impact on your relationships like, when a conversion between two people is going on and one of them is using the phone, it will create adverse feelings for the other one.

How to Reduce the Depression and Anxiety Feeling from the Phone?

Get a Break From Social Media: Most of us, whenever touches our phone, open social media but social media has been determined to raise anxiety, tension, and depression levels. Through social media, we are going through lots of entertainment, news, data, and other such content, and such overloaded information can be devastating and overstimulating to the brain, and these all made exhausted.

Keeping your phone away can drastically decrease the time a person consumes on social media, which will also offer the brain a rest from using so much data. This can benefit in promoting mental well-being by providing the brain a possibility to relax.

Set Limit Your Phone Time: Make a limit to use your phone and try to decrease the time you use on your phone. Set a limit of 30 minutes or 1 hour in a day and if you are working on the phone then try to shift to your laptop or desktop.

There are also some apps available to limit your phone time so check out such timers and set it now.

Increase Concentration Level: Most of the studies explained that using a phone gets information faster and interacts with each other at high rates. Also, we are often taking a break to check our phones while working and makes our brain tired.

Such things decrease the concentration level of our mind to do a task and also reduce performance, productivity, and fulfillment. But keeping our phones away and doing something else that we love can give our brain a break.

Facing Mixed Feelings: We all feel some emotions daily but some negative feelings like anxiety, anger, fear, failure, and stress are hard to manage. But nowadays everyone's emotions are dependent on mobile phones like blocking someone or avoiding are generating sadness and depressions.

So reducing the time you use in a smartphone, can give you more time to spend it with the real world and realities. Keeping yourself away from smartphones lets you enable you to talk and interact with people around you and their feelings only impact you.

Get the apps that can help you: You can download apps that can help you in positive manners like meditate, exercise, cooking relaxing games, youtube videos, DIY apps, and many more can help you in many positive ways.

Take an Android or iPhone on Rent: It is not always necessary to have a smartphone of yours. As there are so many firms available who are offering phones on rent, so if you need one for your work, then take it for the rent and give it back once you complete your work.

Final Words

We, Dyal Rental as a well-known iPhone rental services providers, know it is not possible to stop using a smartphone but definitely, we can limit the use of such devices and spend some time with our loved ones or do the things which we love the most. Try to use your phone for good things which give you pleasure and happiness and for that, you do not always need to buy an iPhone, as a wide range of iPhones available for rent here. Limit the use of social media, set your boundaries, and make a schedule of your important work. Try to fix the time of taking a break from mobile phones and practice more and more to avoid it.

So, to be away from the sadness and depression coming from the phone usage can be decreased by making some healthy habits only. Hope this is helpful to you.