​iPhone & iPad Rental San Antonio | 7 incredible things to do in San Antonio

12th Feb 2019

A beautiful blend of old and new, San Antonio is a perfect city to plan a relaxing holiday. From rich history and cultural heritage to modern infrastructure, parks, entertainment as well as relaxing spaces, the city of Texas has something to offer to every kind of traveler.

Confused as to where to start from? We have compiled a list of experience and places that you must visit to take back the best of the memories of San Antonio city.

Witte Museum

Witte Museum, upholding the three-hundred-year-old history of the region is the best way to start your exploration. Ready to surprise you with its massive and interactive exhibits, the museum is one of the most fun places to be in San Antonio. Standing beside the San Antonio River, in Brackenridge Park, the museum presents a mesmerizing sight. Equally impressive is its collection depicting stories of Texas from the prehistoric times till present. From ancient artifacts to giant exhibits of dinosaurs to the popular traveling exhibits, there is much to explore here.

San Antonio Missions National Historic Park

Next, deepen your knowledge about the history of America further by visiting San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. The place is the first in Texas to be listed in UNESCO’S World Heritage Sites. It includes the city’s four Spanish colonial missions: San Juan, Concepción, San Joséand Espada that tell some great stories of people who came to live in Spanish Colonial Missions in the 1700s.

National Bridge Wildlife Ranch

After you have done exploring the history of the city, its time to experience its exotic natural beauty. Get ready for some real adventure at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch that provides a memorable Safari experience. Spread over an area of 400 acres, the ranch is home to around 500 animals of 50 different species brought from different continents except Antarctica. Drive through the ranch and have a close encounter with the animals that roam around freely. You will come across giraffes, ostriches, buffaloes, zebras and many more animals enjoying yet another beautiful day of their life.

The River Walk

While in San Antonio, one cannot afford to miss out on the River Walk which is the prime experience of the city. Also known as Paseo del Rio, River Walk is the largest urban ecosystem of the country bringing you the premier sights of San Antonio. It has some great dining, shopping and entertainment options. Head to River Walk to get an insight into the culture of the city.


Located in the downtown near River Walk is Alamo, a site deeply rooted in the history of Texas and depicting its glorious past. Founded in the year 1718, Alamo first served to be a way station between Mexico and Texas. Years later in 1836, it became a battleground that witnessed the heroic fight between Texans and the Mexican Army. Take a guided tour of the place and get insights into the Texas Revolution. The place also hosts reenactments of the revolution that will take back you to those days of glory.

Majestic Theatre

San Antonio has a dynamic and happening side to it too. You can explore the various facilities of the city. However, the most interesting attraction that you must visit is the Majestic Theatre which was declared as a National Historic Landmark in 1993. Book the tickets to the theatre and witness some amazing shows. It hosts over 200 events every year which include numerous concerts, performing arts along with the popular Broadway of San Antonio series.

Make you trip memorable with a smartphone by your side

The beauty of San Antonio will leave you spell-bound. There are numerous other attractions besides those mentioned above that you can explore and spend some fun time with your family. Do not forget to take pictures of the amazing locations and record your incredible experiences. Now, you do not even need to carry along those big, heavy cameras as your smartphones come with extensive features to click the best photos. However, if your smartphone is not that smart enough then taking pictures can be worrisome. You must not compromise with the quality of your photos as they will be with you lifelong, hence you must use a good phone like iPhones.

Here’s why you should rent an iPhone in San Antonio

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